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From a geological-structural point of view, the territory is characterized by the presence of land belonging to different domains, involved in the phases of the Alpine orogeny. The composition of the earth is based on limestone. The olives produced, Taggiasca, Carparine and Olivotti are native to the province of Savona, in particular to the hinterland of Toirano. The plants have an average age between 50 and 100 years, no chemical treatment is carried out, but only natural summer fertilization and protection with "kaolin", white lime, from the oil fly. The resulting fruits are healthy, robust and full-bodied. The processing of these olives, harvested by hand and pressed in the following 24 hours, is rigorously cold and with traditional methods, to keep intact all the organoleptic characteristics of the raw material. Bottled must, after a couple of months of decanting in steel barrels, in order to be savored at its best. The design on the label represents the artist Gianni Gallo in the best expressions of him, the great tit in the reeds. The Borgo cru is produced in n. 756 bottles Sensory analysis - by Davide Garofalo - Sommelier - AIS Milan This oil insists without delay on a warm and enveloping tone: olive leaf, peeled almond, walnut husk, persimmon, escarole, aubergine pulp, plantain. Sweet, soft, silky mouth, punctuated by solar suggestions and which confirm what is outlined on the nose. Recognitions of almond, chicory, fig leaf and hazelnut.

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