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Sommariva Capers with Salt are a delicious preserve with a strong and rich taste. The best selected capers meet manual processing and are placed in coarse salt to preserve their unique taste, just like in the past.

Excellent to use in the kitchen to add flavor to both first and second courses, ideal in salads.

  • Weight: 180g
  • Region: Liguria
  • Ingredients: Capers and salt
  • Storage temperature: 5 - 20° C
  • Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, after opening in the refrigerator
  • Shelf-life: 36 months

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Liguria, Albenga

For many, it’s a job, for Sommariva instead it is taking care of all the land provides. Love and respect for the land.

This is Sommariva philosophy of work, made of passion and commitment to convert the wonderful fruits of land into delicious recipes, since more than 100 years.

Producer: Sommariva
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