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NaturalSarda artisanal product - limited stock!!

Carefully separated, the mullet meat is minced and seasoned with salt and pepper, and stuffed into the natural sack, just like a classic meat salami. The casings filled with mullet meat are placed on tables where, sprinkled with salt, they are pressed for about 20 days. They are then dried in a ventilated area and are ready for consumption after maturing for about 20-40 days. At this point the ficazza, dark brown in color, can be eaten immediately or is vacuum-packed. In this way, dehydration is avoided and the bottarga salami can be kept for over a year if kept in the refrigerator.
Its preparation has been carried out since time immemorial even if it is difficult to trace the exact date of birth. It is a product much loved by the local populations of Sardinia, who consume it cut into slices and seasoned with oil and lemon, perhaps accompanied by a slice of rustic bread.
Recommended preparation is the pasta alla carbonara marina, in which the ficazza replaces the pork cheek of the "terrestrial" recipe.

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