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NaturalSarda artisanal product - limited stock!!

NaturalSarda urchin pulp is the pulp of the sea urchin, the sea fruit with long thorns that we know well from having seen it so many times in our seas. In fact, it is also present in very shallow waters, on rocks or in posidonia meadows, the algae it feeds on and exploits in the shade. Once opened, the sea urchin reveals 5 red or orange gonads which, collected with a spoon, make up the tasty pulp.
The sea urchin pulp is a real delicacy, sought after by connoisseurs for its unique flavor and the delicacy of the flavor of the sea. It is truly a delicious food, very popular for creating special appetizers or simply to season pasta.

NaturalSarda offers its sea urchin pulp in a glass jar packaging, convenient and immediately ready to use: a simple and practical way to enjoy one of the most particular flavors of our sea, without having to face the obstacle of the thorns!

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