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A forgotten product and today rediscovered and re-evaluated as one of the most delicious and delicate cured meats deriving from the processing of pork.
The lard is obtained by taking the fat layer of the pig's back and cutting it at the pancetta and cleaning the fattest part, called sugnosa.
These large slices of lard are carefully trimmed and processed in a particular way, the result of ancient tradition and centuries of experience.
They are placed in a tub dug in a block of marble a few hours after slaughter, without any rest in the refrigerator: first the basins are vigorously rubbed with garlic and aromas, then the first piece of lard is placed on the bottom, on a layer of sea salt natural beans, freshly ground black pepper, fresh peeled garlic, rosemary, and chopped sage.
The basin is then filled in layers, always alternating the lard with the salt and the aromas, and closed with a marble slab.
Thus the lard remains in the basin for at least six months for the necessary seasoning.
At the end, the lard comes out dried from the salt, perfumed and flavored by the aromas.


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